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Garnett Memorial Day (Decoration Day in those years) 1882

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 Brief History from wikipedia:

The early years of Anderson County, Kansas, located near the Missouri border, were impacted by violence. The political
 climate that earned the title of Bleeding Kansas brought a cycle of revenge and retaliation that resulted in destruction of
 property, loss of lives, and increased tensions on both sides of the Kansas slavery issue.

 Anderson County, Kansas, in the southeast part of the state, is in the Osage Cuesta region featuring gently rolling plains.
 Established as one of the original 33 counties in 1855, it was named for proslavery speaker pro-tem of the territorial
 legislature, Joseph C. Anderson. Years before Kansas was a territory, the U.S. moved native peoples from different tribes in
 the East to a permanent Indian frontier. The Potawatomi people were removed from their Indiana home to this area in 1833.
 On the Potawatomi Trail of Death 859 members of the tribe were escorted by militia along the 660-mile journey. More than
 40 people died along the way, most of them children. The Potawatomi tribe was reassigned to present-day Pottawatomie
 County between 1847-1848.

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