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Trolley Building, Ft. Scott  1916

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  Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Bourbon County was organized on April 14, 1874, amidst "bond fraud" issues and padded census returns, by Samuel A.
 Williams; William Barbee; H. T. Wilson; Charles B. Wingfield; B. F. Hill; J.J. Farley; John F. Cattrell and Thomas Watkins.
 It was named for Bourbon County, Kentucky. The name was proposed by Samuel A. Williams and William Barbee, early
 settlers who came from Kentucky. It contains the cities of Bronson, Fort Scott, Fulton, Mapleton, Redfield and Union Town.

 The Denver Peace Treaty of 1858, promulgated by Territorial Governor James Denver, was an important part of county
 history. It was created in an attempt to end the long period of hostilities between the pro-slave element of Fort Scott and the
 free-state supporters of the Marmaton and Little Osage River communities. On December 15, 1858, "Jayhawkers" attacked
 Fort Scott resulting in the shooting of Marshal John Little. The Marmaton Massacre of October 22, 1864, involved
 approximately 60 rebels from Missouri attacking the town, and Marmaton, and the subsequent capture and execution of six
 townsmen. The town was also burned.


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