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Chase County baseball team circa 1900

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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Chase county was organized on February 11, 1859, by M. R. Leonard; B. McCabe; J. Lane; M. Coyne; A. Howell; C. T.
 Hegwer; William Osmer; William Dixon; Walter Watson; A. B. Wentworth; Milton Ford; James Fisher; Nathan Curey;
 Daniel Holsinger; Gabriel Jacobs; Willie Shart; and Samuel N. Wood. It contains the cities of Cedar Point, Cottonwood Falls,
 Elmdale, Matfield Green and Strong City. It was named for Salmon P. Chase, Governor and U. S. Senator from Ohio, and
 later Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court.

 Samuel N. Wood, of Cottonwood Falls, laid-out and platted the south part of the town, and had the county named for his
 friend Salmon Chase. Wood, who led a colorful life, was finally disbarred as an attorney and shot to death during the Stevens
 County Seat War.  Also from the county was Congressman Dudley Doolittle (1913-1919).

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