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Billy Brown and Roy Platt, Evansville, KS 1910

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 Brief History from wikipedia:

 Comanche County was first politically organized in 1873; however, this was fraudulently done. Bogus records showed a
 population in the county when in fact none existed. The creation of a false population allowed the legislature to organize
 the county and float bonds. The attorney general, however, investigated and declared there was no population. Even so, the
 legislature declared a legal government had issued the fraudulent bonds, and this held the county back from any funding for
 improvements. In the Legislature of 1874 the county was represented even though it had no population. On February 27,
 1885, the county was reorganized and lawsuits were begun against those holding the original bonds. It was not until 1941
 that the bonds were completely retired. The county contains the cities of Coldwater, Wilmore and Protection.

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