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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 On March 17, 1874, the Edwards County boundaries were defined by the Legislature and on August 1, 1874, the county was
 organized by Taylor Flick; Robert McCanse; Captain Peter H. Miles; and C. L. Hubbs. The county was named for W. C.
 Edwards of Hutchinson who promised that when the county was organized he would build a brick block of buildings in
 Kinsley if the county was named for him. He was the senior partner of the House of Edwards Brothers in Kinsley. It contains
 the cities of Belpre, Kinsley, Offerle and Lewis.

 The Battle of Coon Creek was a major event in county history. Fought on June 18, 1848, between some 200 Comanche and
 Osage Indians and 140 soldiers on their way to fight in the Mexican War, this was the first battle to use breech-loading rifles.
 The story also tells of an Indian woman mounted on a horse, who seemed to be their queen, directing the handling of the
 wounded. On January 27, 1878, bandits attempting to loot the Santa Fe railroad station's safe, and also rob the westbound
 Pueblo Express, were foiled by a young telegraph operator named Andrew Kincaid. Four of the gang were later captured by
 Bat Masterson. In 1939 a "Half-Way" sign was erected two miles west of Kinsley denoting Kinsley's location as half-way
 between New York and San Francisco. The signing was done in commemoration of the 1939 World Fairs being held
 simultaneously in the two cities.

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