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Ellsworth 1867

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  Brief History:

 Ellsworth County was organized on August 24, 1867, for P. M. Thompson; Joseph Lehman; D. H. Page; D. Cushman;
 Adam Weadle; Leverants S. D. Walker; J. J. and C. L. Prather; and Irwin and H. V. Faris. Named for Lieutenant Allen
 Ellsworth of the 7th Iowa Cavalry who established Fort Ellsworth in 1864, the county contains the cities of Ellsworth,
 Kanopolis, Lorraine, Holyrood and Wilson.

 The establishment of Fort Ellsworth, later named Fort Harker, protected the early settlements and served as a shipping point
 for the Santa Fe Trail. The early cattle trains and trade established in the 1870s and the route of the Butterfield Overland
 Dispatch through the county contributed significantly to the settlement and economy of the area. The construction of
 Kanapolis Dam in 1950 aided both flood control and water conservation.

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