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Ottawa KS  NW corner 2nd & main   1872

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  Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:


 Franklin County was one of the first 33 counties organized by the Territorial Legislature in 1855. Founded by Baptist
 missionaries, Reverend and Mrs. Jotham Meeker were the first white settlers, followed by Reverend and Mrs. Robert
 Simmerwell. Other early founders include J. H. Whetstone; S. T. Kelsey; and J. M. Bernard. The county contains the cities
 of Rantoul, Wellsville, Princeton, Ottawa, Pomona, Lane, Richmond and Williamsburg.

 The famous Pottawatomie Massacre, led by John Brown, near Lane on May 24, 1856, is indicative of the county's place in
 the early free-state, pro slavery difficulties. The operation of the experimental French silk-producing commune called
 "Silkville" that attempted to produce silk and silk materials in the 1870s and 1880s brought considerable attention to the area.
 The second chautauqua in the nation, and the second largest in size, was held at Ottawa between 1883 and 1914.

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