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Newton, KS 1872

 My name is Bob Jenkins
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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 H. Neiman; Walter Munch; William Lawrence; Hubbard Wilcox; William McOwen; Charles Shafer; John Cogan; W. T.
 Wetherel; Joel T. Davis; R. M. Spivey; C. S. Bowneau; James Sprague; J. C. Johnston; D. Ainsworth; Judge R. W. P. Muse;
 and L. E. Steele organized Harvey County on February 29, 1872.  Named for James Harvey, Governor of Kansas
 1869-1873, the county contains the cities of Burrton, Hesston, Halstead, Newton, North Newton, Sedgwick (part) and

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