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Greensburg KS circa 1900

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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Kiowa County was founded on March 23, 1886, by J. W. Davis; C. F. Mingenbeck; C. P. Fullington; M. A. Nelson; and
 Cash Hopkins. The county was named for the Kiowa Indians and contains the cities of Greensburg, Mullinville and Havilan.

 The first church, or meetinghouse, was established by the Friends (Quakers) in 1885. Also in 1885 a Methodist church was
 organized in Greensburg. The early county fairs have not been recorded, but a 4-H fair existed until 1979, when it became a
 county fair. The first school district was organized in Greensburg in January, 1885.

 When the town of Greensburg was being established, the townspeople attempted to have the post office moved from the
 nearby town of Janesville. Jacob Barney, who had established Janesville and was also the postmaster, refused to allow the
 post office to leave. One night several Greensburg men were playing cards and drinking with Barney in the Janesville Post
 Office. Late in the evening, Barney fell asleep. The Greensburg men hoisted the 9 foot by 12 foot building onto a sled, and
 with Barney inside, moved the building to Greensburg. Barney awoke the next morning in what was now Greensburg's post

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