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Mound City, KS   1873

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  Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Linn County was one of the first 33 counties created by the Territorial Legislature and was organized on August 7, 1855, by
 R. E. Elliott; L. M. Love; Briscoe Travis; James P. Fox; Joseph D. Wilmot; James Driskill; William Rogers; and
 Elisha Tucker. It was named for For Lewis Field Linn, a popular Senator from Missouri who played a prominent role in the
 acquisition of Oregon Territory, and contains the cities ofBlue Mound, Parker, La Cygne, Mound City, Pleasanton and

 The Battle of Mine Creek, October 26, 1864, the Marais des Cygnes Massacre, May 19, 1858, and the Battle of Middle Creek,
 near Parker on August 25, 1856, when Texas Rangers from Fort Scott attempted to capture John Brown are all indicative of
 the turmoil in the county during the territorial period and are all significant to the county's early development.

 The first church was opened by Jesuit missionaries for the Pottawatomie Indians near Centerville in 1838. The first fair was
 held on October 28, 1871, at Elm Grove. The first official county fair was held at Mound City in 1871. The school for Indians
 established near Centerville in 1838 was the first school. The first public school opened at Moneka, north of Mound City, on
 August 1, 1857.


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