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Harvest time Ramona KS 1870's

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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Marion County was organized on July 6, 1865, by George Griffith; William H. Billins; William P. Shreve; Reuben Riggs;
 A. E. Case; and A. A. More. The county was named for General Francis Marion, Revolutionary War hero, and contains the
 cities of Peabody, Tampa,  Lincolnville, Ramona, Durham, Florence, Hillsboro, Lehigh, Lost Springs, Marion, Burns and
 Goessel. Although based in fact, many stories of legendary proportions surround the area of land one section wide and
 eighteen sections long along the east boundary of the county. A murder had been committed in the area and Marion County
 did not want to have the trial so they gave those sections to Chase County to make certain the murder had occurred in that

 The immigration of Mennonites from Russia in 1874 and their purchase of vast acreages of government and railroad land;
 and the large purchases of land by William Scully, of Illinois, between 1870 and 1885 and his introduction of the Scully land
 system, which included tenant farming and drain tiling the fields, both helped the early settlement and development of the
 county. The Scully estate still owned 53,491 acres in as late as 1942.

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