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Trading Post Council Grove circa 1865

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  Brief History from KSHS:

 Morris county was created on June 21, 1855, by S. M. Hays; T. S. Hufacker; A. J. Baker; Chris Strieby; Warren Johnson;
 H. M. Ramsey; August Warneke; Hiram Allen; Thomas White; Bill Parker; J. W. Randle; Cornelius Atkinson; June Baxter;
 Allen Crowley; Frank Doran; Thomas Black; Jonathan Hammond; and William White, Sr. It was originally called Wise
 County for Governor Wise of Virginia, a pro-slave supporter. In 1858 the name was changed to Morris after Senator Thomas
 Morris of Ohio, who was a prominent opponent of slavery. It contains the cities of Dunlap, Dwight, Parkerville, White City,
 Latimer, Willsey and Council Grove.

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