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Sod house, JW Ranch 1890-1895

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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Morton County was organized on November 17,1886, by John Beatty; J. W. Soules; George Bowman; Dill Chapman; Bill
 Barney; J. H. Haines; Charles Haines; M. M. Durkee; H. C. Helton; W. W. Anderson; Lewis Darraugh; and Mass Gibbons.
 Named for Indiana Governor, and later U. S. Senator, Oliver P. Morton, the county contains the cities of Richfield, Rolla and

 The establishment of a German prisoner of war camp in Elkhart in 1944 was a major event in the county. After overcoming
 the animosity towards the prisoners, the county took advantage of the labor and manpower to add improvements and harvest
 crops, particularly broom corn.

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