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Early Settlers circa 1880

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 Brief History from wikipedia:

 Osborne County was organized on September 12, 1871, by Charles William Bullock; Zachary Wlrood; Calvin Reasoner;
 Lyman Earl; William Bear; H. D. Markley; George Kendig; David Tindal; William Kendig; F. R. Gruger; and Frank
 Rathenberger. The county was named for Vincent C. Osborne, a private in the Civil War who lost a leg, returned to Kansas
 and settled in Ellsworth. He was prominent in Ellsworth politics and business until he died in 1879. Osborne contains the
 towns of Portis, Natoma, Osborne, Downs and Alton.

 Settlement in the county was held back by continuing Indian raids and scares in the county from 1870 to 1878, until the
 arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1879, and the ending of the Indian difficulties in 1878. The last of the great range
 wars, beginning in 1902 and continuing until it was ended with the assistance of the Kansas National Guard in 1903, was
 significant for the final settling and opening of the land for all types of agriculture.

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