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  Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Sherman County was organized on September 20, 1886, by J. H. Tate; L. J. Gandy; O. D. Dickey; R. R. Edwards; John Bray;
 Barney McCluskey; J. F. Collier; A. P. Melstrom; W. T. Clayton; James Forbes; Wilson Turner; and W. W. Scott. It includes
 the cities of Goodland and Kanorado, and was named for General William T. Sherman.

 On July 1, 1867, Lieutenant Lyman Kidder of the 7th United States Cavalry was on route from Fort Sedgwick, Colorado, to
 deliver messages to General George A. Custer who was on campaign. Near Beaver Creek Kidder and ten men were killed.
 Custer found their remains on about July 11. A county seat war between Goodland and Eustis resulted in an armed mob
 marching into Goodland from Eustis on January 13, 1888, and seizing the county records. Goodland supporters retaliated,
 capturing the records and returning them to Goodland. Goodland subsequently became the county seat.

 The Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railroad, later part of the Rock Island, arrived in the county on July 3, 1888. The Bethel
 Church was organized in 1886 with services being held in a sod structure. The first fair, which was not officially a county
 affair, was held in September 1886. The first county fair was held north of Goodland in 1888. The first school district was
 formed in Gandy in 1885.

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