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  Brief History:

 It was in 1855 when the Territorial Legislature defined a certain portion of land west of Shawnee County and named it
 Richardson County. This county was named after William P. Richardson, a congressman from Illinois, who introduced the
 first Kansas and Nebraska Bill in the House of Representatives, which made certain Indian lands territories in 1854. The
 county was attached to Shawnee County for business and judicial purposes and had no officers or records. In the early days
 of the county, the greatest settlements were in present day Wilmington and Wabaunsee Townships. In 1856, a group of
 settlers from New Haven, Connecticut, moved into the county near the Kaw River where a town site called Wabaunsee
 had been previously laid out, to support making Kansas a free state.“Wabaunsee,” meaning “Dawn of Day” in the Indian
 language, was namedafter the famous Pottawatomie Indian Chief Wabansi. The congregation of Henry Ward Beecher, a
 well-known minister from Brooklyn, New York, assisted these settlers. In May of 1862, a new stone church was dedicated at
 the Wabaunsee town site and called the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church. This church building still stands today and continues
 to have weekly worship services.

 In 1859, a petition was made to the Territorial Legislature to change the name of the county from Richardson to Wabaunsee.
 This request resulted because William P. Richardson, whom the county was named after, was pro-slavery while many in the
 county were abolitionists. Since the population had increased substantially, county residents signed another petition asking
 that the county be organized into a separate and distinct corporation for revenue and judicial purposes. The request was
 granted and an election of county officers was held on March 28, 1859. There were two voting precincts in the county --
 one at Alma, and one at the village of Wabaunsee. The total number of votes polled was 111. The county seat was located at
 the Wabaunsee town site and four townships created: Alma, Wabaunsee, Mission Creek and Wilmington. A year later, three
 commissioner districts were drawn up.

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