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 The county is named after the Wyandot (also known as Wyandott or Wyandotte) Indians. They were called the Huron by the
 French in Canada, but they called themselves Wendat. They were distantly related to the Iroquois, with whom they sometimes
 fought. They had hoped to hold off movement by white Americans into their territory and had hoped to make the Ohio River
 the border between the United States and Canada.

 One branch of the Wyandot moved to the area that is now the state of Ohio. They generally took the course of assimilation
 into Anglo-American society. Many of them embraced Christianity under the influence of missionaries. They were
 transported to the current area of Wyandotte County in 1843, where they set up a community and worked in cooperation with
 Anglo settlers. The Christian Munsee also influenced early settlement of this area.

 The Wyandot in Kansas set up a constitutional form of government that they had devised in Ohio. They set up the territorial
 government for Kansas and Nebraska. It was one of their own who was elected as territorial governor.

 Wyandotte County was organized on January 29, 1859, by Auguste and Pierre Chouteau; George Russell; George Veal;
 Mryon Pratt; Jacques Johnson; Samuel Forsythe; Marshall Garnett; Vincent Lane; Robert Robitaille; William L. McMath;
 Jucaob Willeborn; Cyrus Gordon; and George B. Wood. The county contains the cities of Bonner Springs, Edwardsville,
 Kansas City and Lake Quivira (part), and was named for the Wyandot Indians (various spellings).

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