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Audrain County Fair circa 1930

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 Brief History:

 Audrain county was formed from a non-county area with portions under the administration of Montgomery,
 Callaway, Boone, Ralls, or Monroe counties at various times prior to its official establishment in 1836. Thus,
 records for locations now in Audrain prior to 1836 may indicate location in those counties instead. Some details
 have been summarized on the website of the Northeast Missouri Genealogy Village, and a dynamic map showing
 some of the changes is on the 'mapgeeks' website showing historical maps of the states of the USA.

 Today's Audrain County historical website data (see 'External Links' below) indicates that the county was divided
 about 50/50 during the historic US Civil War and that US Army Commander General Ulysses Grant was resident
 there briefly during that time. While Audrain county shared some history with neighboring counties, it does not
 border the Missouri River.

 According to some Confederate historian publications, Audrain County was one of several nearby counties settled
 by migrants from the Upper South, especially Kentucky and Tennessee; that some brought slaves and slaveholding
 traditions with them, cultivating crops similar to those in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky such as hemp and
 tobacco, or brought antebellum architecture and culture; and that the county was considered by those historians to
 be in the heart of what was called "Little Dixie".

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