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 Brief History:

When the Missouri legislature created Carter County on March 10, 1859, it named the county after Zimri A. Carter.

 Zimri A. Carter (1794–1870), the man for whom Carter County was named, was born in South Carolina. In 1807,
 at the age of 13, he came to Missouri with his parents. The Carter family initially settled in what is now Warren
 County. Shortly after his arrival in Missouri Zimri Carter joined up with a party of traders traveling the Missouri
 and Mississippi rivers in flat boats, and was away for a number of years. In his absence his father Benjamin Carter
 traded a horse and a cow for a large tract of land in what was then Wayne County, about eight miles southeast of
 where the town of Van Buren would eventually be established. When Zimri Carter returned from his trading
 ventures he joined his father in farming their new homestead. (Various sources give dates as early as 1812 and as
 late as 1820 for Zimri Carter's arrival in the area.) Zimri Carter became one of the most influential and respected
 men in southeast Missouri and was instrumental in bringing about the creation of Carter County and served for a
 time as county judge of Carter County. The Carters were soon followed by other families: the Chilton, Kenard,
 Snider and Kelly families, who, along with the Carters opened up large tracts of wilderness land.

 Carter County was created from portions of Ripley, Shannon and Wayne counties. On the first Monday of April
 1859, three men (Adam Lane of Ripley County, John Bulford of Reynolds County and D.C. Reed of Shannon
 County) met at the home of James Brown to select a seat for the newly created Carter County. They selected Van
 Buren which, until 1847, had been the county seat of Ripley County. At the time of its creation, Carter County was
 attached to Ripley County for the purpose of representation in the General Assembly. The old log-cabin courthouse,
 which had been erected in Van Buren in 1853, continued to be used as the Carter County Courthouse until it was
 replaced by a wood-frame building in 1867.

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