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 Brief History:

Created February 14, 1845. Stoddard County was divided by a line running on the parallel of 36 30 and that part of
 the county south of the line was called Dunklin County. Its boundaries were fixed as follows: Beginning in the
 middle of the main channel of the St. Francois River at a point where the state line between Missouri and Arkansas,
 in latitude 36 30, leaves said river; thence due east to the western boundary of New Madrid County; thence south
 with said line to the southern boundary of the state; thence west on said line to middle of main channel of
 St. Francois River; thence up the middle of the river to the place of beginning. In 1853 the north line of the county
 was moved nine miles north. The territory included in this county, with the exception of the nine mile strip, was a
 part of the territory originally left in Arkansas, but was added to the territory of Missouri through the efforts of J.
 Hardeman Walker. The county was named for Honorable Daniel Dunklin, governor of Missouri from 1832-1836.
 He was born in 1790 near Greenville, South Carolina, and came to Potosi, Missouri in 1810. He was elected to the
 first constitutional convention of Missouri in 1820. In 1828 he was elected lieutenant-governor, and at the close of
 this term was elected governor. He resigned in 1836 to accept the position of surveyor general of Missouri,
 Arkansas, and Illinois under President Jackson. He traced the boundaries of Missouri and Arkansas, and it is
 probably because of this connection with the people of Dunklin County that the county was named for him.

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