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 1850 Mortality Records
 Death registers 1883-1890  from county courthouse
 Deaths 2004 - 2011     onsite
 Coroner's Inquest Records at SOS Archives
 Deaths  at familysearch    319,000 + records
 Deaths  pre - 1910  at  Missouri Secretary of State Historical records
 (select Greene county from dropdown menu)
 Deaths  1910 - 1968  at Missouri Secretary of State Historical records
 (enter year range (ie 1910 and 1968)   and  select Greene county from drop down)
 Index to coroners record books 1872-1975  at  Springfield-Greene County Library
 1833-1899  Greene County Missouri Probate Records   at  Greene county archives
 1834-1963  Greene County Missouri Medical Examiner Records   at  Greene county archives
 Deaths at Ozarks Genealogical Society
 Death info at  genealogytrails

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