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Gilliam Mo circa 1925

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 Brief History:

Saline County was occupied for thousands of years by succeeding cultures of Missouri Native Americans. Saline
 County was organized by European-American settlers on November 25, 1820, and was named from the salinity of
 the springs found in the region. After periods of conflict as settlers competed for resources and encroached on
 their territory, the local Native Americans, including the Osage nation, were forced by the U.S. government to move
 to reservations in Indian Territory, first in Kansas and then in Oklahoma.

 Saline County was among several along the Missouri River that were settled primarily by migrants from the Upper
 South states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. The settlers quickly started cultivating crops similar to those in
 Middle Tennessee and Kentucky: hemp and tobacco; they had brought enslaved people with them to central
 Missouri, or purchased them from slave traders. These counties settled by southerners became known as "Little

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