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Bridgeton circa 1910

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 Brief History:

Cumberland, county, southwestern New Jersey, U.S. It consists of a coastal lowland bounded by the Delaware River and Bay
 to the south,  Stow Creek to the west, the Maurice River to the north, the Tuckahoe River to the northeast, and West Creek to
 the southeast. Algonquian-speaking Delaware Indians inhabited the region when European settlers arrived in the 17th century.
 In December 1774, before the outbreak of the American Revolution, protesters burned shipments of tea in Greenwich. 
 Millville contains Wheaton Village, a restored 19th-century glassmaking community. Bridgeton, the county seat, has one of
 the largest historic districts in New Jersey. In the 19th century T.B. Welch developed a method of preserving grape juice
 without fermentation, and John L. Mason perfected the manufacture of glass jars for the home canning of foods; both were
 residents of Vineland, which has the largest area of any city in the state.

 Cumberland county was created in 1748 and named for William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.

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