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 Register of St. John & St Denis parish 1680-1884  Marriages
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 Register of St Philips parish 1720-1758       Birth/marriage/death/burial  name index
 Register of St Philips parish 1720-1758  Marriages
 Register of St Philips parish 1754-1810       Birth/marriage/death/burial  name index
 Register of St Philips parish 1754-1810  Marriages
 Marriages 1811-1821   2nd Presbyterian Church
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 Abstracts from Marriage Bonds of South Carolina, December 1743-November 1744
 Bryan, Catharine M - Turner, Daniel, 1837
 Colzy, Margueritte Felicite -Drege, Pierre (Peter), 1816
 Colzy, Lewis Charlemagne -Guerin, Angelique, 1799
 Moore, Sarah - Chapin, Leonard August 12, 1847
 Walters, Elizabeth "Bessie" Henrietta - Mellard, Edmund Simmons November 1, 1933
 Williams, Margaret E. A. - Heflin, J. W. April 8, 1841

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