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 Brief History:

Pacific County is a county in the U.S. state of Washington.  Its county seat is South Bend, and its largest city is
 Raymond. The county was formed by the government of Oregon Territory in February 1851 and is named for the
 Pacific Ocean.

 Pacific County is centered on Willapa Bay, a region that provides twenty-five percent of the United States oyster
 harvest, although forestry, fishing, and tourism are also significant elements of the county's economy.

 The area that is now Pacific County was part of Oregon Territory in the first part of the nineteenth century. On
 December 19, 1845, the Provisional Government of Oregon created two counties (Vancouver and Clark) in its
 northern portion (which is now the state of Washington). In 1849, the name of Vancouver County was changed to
 Lewis County, and on February 4, 1851, a portion of Lewis County was partitioned off to become Pacific County.
 The county's boundaries have not changed since its creation. The unincorporated community of Oysterville,
 established in 1852, was the first county seat. The county records were stolen from Oysterville and ferried across
 Willapa Harbor by residents of South Bend, resulting in that town becoming the new county seat in 1893.

 Pacific county record images at familysearch.   These are not indexed but if you know the timeframe
 that relates to your ancestor you can browse through the images.  A  Lot of good info here.

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