Proposed HIGenWeb SC Guidelines:

Oversees the state project

Includes links on HIGenWeb state page to all County pages, the USGenWeb Project website, USGenWeb Project Archives (both state and national level), USGenWeb Projects Guidelines/Standards, link to the USGenWeb logo page, USGenWeb project copyright info page and World GenWeb Project

Insures the state organization is in compliance with the bylaws of the USGenWeb Project

Insures the counties of HIGenWeb are compliant and up to date

Election to be held every two years for SC of HIGenWeb through the USGenWeb Election Committee by the CCs within the state project.

Those eligible for SC position must have been a CC in good standing with HIGenWeb for a minimum of the prior 6 months.

SC appoints an ASC or support team every two years, they shall work in a team position to be able to take charge in case the SC is unavailable for more than two weeks.

SC keeps list of CC email, postal address and phone #, in case they have become non-active.

SC will supply email, postal address and ph# to NC in case SC becomes non-active.

Be sure of open communication readily available through state mail list and subscribes any new CCs to the state mail list.

Hold monthly “check-in” through state mail list and keep spreadsheet of same to know if any CCs become non-active.

Forwards communication from USGenWeb (NC, etc) to the HIGenWeb mail list in a timely manner. 

SC responds to all emails (public or CC) within 3 days.

Provide a link to queries on the HIGenWeb state page.

List SC name and link to SC email address on state page as well as ASC or support team.

Link to HIGenWeb logos.

Include a search engine for the HIGenWeb state page.

Include a state map showing the counties on the HIGenWeb state page.

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