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Buffalo Hunters Sheridan County 1873

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 Brief History from Kansas State Historical Society:

 Sheridan County, named for General Philip Sheridan, was organized by William Stevens; W. M. Rogers; W. C. Hausafus;
 and K. A. Ellithorpe, on June 2, 1880. Sheridan County contains the towns of Hoxie and Selden. Local legends in Sheridan
 County states that Sam Morgan was believed to be the earliest settler in the county, and is said to have hunted buffalo with
 Buffalo Bill Cody. Monty Dillon, a shell-shocked or "just born that way" recluse of the county was returning from his
 service in World War I when a motor broke down on his transport. He repaired the motor from odds and ends and the ship
 was able to reach the United States. Legend has it that the rest of his life he remained a recluse, lived on dog, and seldom
 shaved or bathed. It is also said that the story concerning the ship was written in an old edition of an encyclopedia but no
 one can locate the story.

 The moving of the town of Kenneth to Hoxie and the subsequent change of the county seat to Hoxie because of the move of
 the two towns allowed an increase in population necessary to have a county seat. Later in 1888, the coming of the Union
 Pacific Railroad further boosted the population.

 In 1896 the courthouse burned and most of the county records were destroyed

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