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Hambelton Hotel circa 1920

 My name is Bob Jenkins
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 Brief History:

Ozark was named after the Ozarks, in which it is situated.

 The name Ozarks is believed to have begun sometime in the late 1700s or early 1800s from those living in the
 Arkansas area who were heading north and said they were going to the Ozarks.

 The first settler to visit the area is believed to be Henry Schoolcraft, who arrived in 1818. During that time he
 studied extensively the geological makeup of the area and noted the high concentration of lead and zinc. Notably,
 in the Elk Valley area. Schoolcraft noted on the abundance of elk, bear and other wildlife in the area. This later
 became the area's hunting grounds, until the elk were hunted to extinction in the 1880s.

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