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Early Clark County Settlers 1898

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 Brief History:

Clark County began as the District of Vancouver on July 27, 1844. It included all the land north of the Columbia
 River, west of the Rocky Mountains, and south of Alaska. In 1845 the provisional government changed its name to
 Vancouver County. At that time it stretched from the Columbia River to 54 degrees 40 minutes North Latitude in
 what is now British Columbia. On June 15, 1846, the United States Senate approved the present boundary between
 the U.S. and Canada at the 49th Parallel.

 On August 13, 1848, President James K. Polk signed an act creating the entire region as the Oregon Territory. On
 September 3, 1849, the Oregon Territorial Legislature modified the borders again and changed its name to Clarke
 County in honor of explorer William Clark. At this time it included all of present-day Washington and continued to
 be divided and subdivided until reaching its present area in 1880. It was not until 1925 that the spelling was
 corrected to its present form.

 Clark county record images at familysearch.   These are not indexed but if you know the timeframe
 that relates to your ancestor you can browse through the images.  A  Lot of good info here.

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