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 Newsletters from Nodaway county Genealogical Society

 (A lot of good vital records info in each newsletter, ie,
   birth, marriage, deaths, obits, bios)

 Smoke Signals Sept, 1984
 Smoke Signals Dec,  1984
 Smoke Signals Mar,  1985
 Smoke Signals June, 1985
 Smoke Signals Sept, 1985
 Smoke Signals Dec,  1985
 Smoke Signals Mar,  1986
 Smoke Signals June, 1986
 Smoke Signals Sept, 1986
 Smoke Signals Dec,  1986
 Smoke Signals Mar,  1987
 Smoke Signals June, 1987
 Smoke Signals Sept, 1987
 Smoke Signals Dec,  1987
 Smoke Signals Mar,  1988
 Smoke Signals June, 1988

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